University Policies

Gift Cards Policy

Administration and Finance

In lieu of cash advances, universally accepted gift card with a maximum value of up to $50 will be issued by the University upon proper documentation and approval of the Budget Manager and an Administration & Finance Representative. These gift cards can be issued for use as honorariums, prizes, student acknowledgements or as an incentive for participating in an academic research project.

A copy of the gift card request form (page 2) must be submitted to the Procurement Office for approval on a specific initiative. The top section of this form must be complete in full, including:

  • Purpose of gift card, date of event, type of card, quantity of cards, dollar value per card, total value of cards, budget line, budget manager’s approval and date of approval.

Once a gift card request form is received by the Procurement Office, they will determine the best way to obtain the cards. You should never purchase gift cards on your P-card; this will result in a P-card non-compliance issue. If the Procurement Office determines the best method of procuring the gift cards is via a Purchas Order, you will be required to enter a requisition in Colleague. The PO will have to be accepted prior to check issuance. Otherwise, the Procurement Office will purchase the gift cards in the most appropriate manner.

Once the cards have been distributed, the bottom portion of the gift card request form must be completed in full and the original returned to the Procurement Office within one (1) business day of distribution, but no more than thirty (30) days after the event.

  • Any cards not distributed within thirty (30) days of the event must be returned to the Procurement Office.
  • Inability to reconcile cards within thirty (30) days of the event shall result in cards no longer being issued to the budget manager.
  • Any suspected misappropriation of funds will be reported to the Department Vice President and the Vice President of Administration &Finance/CFO.