University Policies

International Travel Policy and Guidelines

Administration and Finance

The following policy has been adopted to guide the faculty and staff of Worcester State University with regard to international travel and reimbursement for international travel while on University business. This policy applies to all payments and reimbursements for international travel expenses by the University regardless of the source of funding. Failure to comply with this policy may result in no monies being reimbursed and may negate insurance coverage provided by the University and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

This International Policy and Guidelines should be used in conjunction with the Worcester State University Employee Travel Policy and Guidelines. Policies not specifically covered in this document shall follow the policies outlined in the Worcester State University Employee Travel Policy and Guidelines.

Travel to countries declared as not suited for travel by the U. S. Department of State is prohibited unless approved by the President.

All currency rates shall be reported in U. S. dollars at the exchange rate in effect at the time of travel. All reimbursements require original, itemized receipts and proof of payment.

Travel Assistance

Travelers on University business have access to the international global assistance services provided by Chartis. If emergency medical and/or security assistance becomes necessary, Chartis should be contacted immediately. To contact Chartis from the US or Canada, call (800) 401-2678. To contact Chartis from anywhere else, call 01 (817) 826-7008. This is not medical insurance or a credit card. It will assist you in finding or arranging services. Please contact the Procurement Department for a copy of services and contact information.

Supplemental Expenses
Supplemental expenses such as fees for visas, passports, inoculations and any medicines required for travel to that specific country that is not covered by employee’s insurance shall be reimbursable when they are necessary for travel on University business. An original, itemized receipt is required for reimbursement.

Laundry Service
Laundry service may be reimbursed once for every seven (7) consecutive days of travel. An original, itemized receipt is required for reimbursement.

Meals and Lodging
Foreign Per Diem rates for meals and lodging are published monthly by the U. S. Department of the State. Reimbursement will be the lesser of actual paid or the published Per Diem rate. An original, itemized receipt is required regardless of the reimbursement rate.

Under special circumstances, a travel advance may be requested. This advance will be in lieu of a PCard or a reimbursement. Travel advances must be approved by the department supervisor/chair, the Division Vice President and the VP Administration & Finance/CFO.

The top portion of the Request/Return for Travel Request form must be completed in full, including travel dates, purpose of travel, itemized anticipated expenses, budget line(s) and authorized signatures. The original form should be submitted to the Procurement Office at least one week prior to the departure date. (Be sure to keep a copy for submission after the completion of travel.) Rush requests will not be honored and incomplete forms will be returned to the traveler.

The reconciled Request/Return for Travel Request form, including all original, itemized receipts, authorized signatures and excess cash, must be submitted to the Accounts Payable Office within five (5) Business Days of the final day of travel. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action.