University Policies

Meal Money Policy

Administration and Finance
Accounts Payables

Worcester State University working with the Athletics Director is to ensure controls are in place to adequately account for meal monies issued prior to each sport’s season to individual coaches, but only on a monthly basis. The allotted meal monies are as follows: $7/per meal or $14/day, unless special circumstances dictate an increase/decrease and are approved by the Director.

  1. Checks are to be issued monthly to each sport’s coach upon submission of a Memorandum signed by the Athletics Director. This form must have the following attachments:
    a. schedule of sports team and
    b. roster of students participating in that particular sport.
  2. Advance checks will be secured by the Director and given to each coach weekly, or as the games arise, and only upon completion of an “Intercollegiate Group Travel Voucher” form (see Appendix G of the Staff Handbook) is submitted to the Director.
  3. Monthly reconciliations between the meal advances and receipts attached to the Intercollegiate Group Travel Voucher must occur before the next month’s checks are issued. Original receipts must be secured to this form and presented to the Accountant. Any unexpended funds need to be returned with the reconciliation. If there is a discrepancy between a specific check amount and the receipts attached, it is fully expected that a personal check will be submitted to fully reconcile the check amount.
  4. Any checks not used by the coaches are to be returned as soon as possible to the appropriate Accountant in the Business Office to be voided. The Accountant will then ensure the vouchers are voided as well.
  5. Note: No checks will be issued to a coach for game that has already played. A Check Request Form is to be used made payable to the coach with the appropriate receipts before a reimbursement check is issued.