University Policies

Procurement of Goods and Services: Requisitions Policy

Administration and Finance

The University will competitively obtain the most suitable goods and services at the best possible price. To do this the University will use competitive bidding and/or available state, MHEC, Worcester Consortium for Higher Education, or other contracts wherever possible. Whenever purchasing goods and services, the University will comply with all state rules, regulations and laws governing purchasing. This applies to any purchase, regardless of fund sources.

Only properly prepared and approved purchase requisitions will be accepted for purchasing action. A purchase order will not be issued without adequate budgeted funds. This applies to state and non-state funded purchases.

The responsibility for purchasing goods and services is entirely apart from the responsibility for providing proof of receipt of those goods and services. Purchasing personnel of the University will not have any responsibility for receiving. Receiving on behalf of the University will not be a responsibility of Procurement.

Purchasing of any item regardless of funding source is initiated by the use of Colleague’s financial systems. Completion of a requisition is the first step and all required fields must be appropriately filled-in prior to approval and further action. Internal controls are embedded in the software which requires electronic approvals. All Colleague users are required to go through training prior to gaining access to Colleague Financials. Please see the following like for specific information:

It is the University's policy that items are purchased FOB; shipping and delivery charges are included. Vendor must understand this policy and reflect this in pricing.

Enter budget line and amounts to be charged either for appropriated or non-appropriated funds. At least one account number needs to be specified per item. Additional accounts can be specified to distribute the cost of item. For example, if you wanted to split the cost of an item between two trust funds, you would enter each account number and its corresponding amount. If you need to distribute to more than three accounts for an item, continue down the account number and account columns leaving the other areas to the left blank. For manageability, no more than five (5) line items may be entered on a single requisition.

Enter comments which will appear on Purchase Order as additional information for the vendor. The following should be included when applicable. MHEC, State or COWC vendor cost of delivery not included

Contact Procurement for emergency purchase orders and be prepared to address the validity of the urgency. The request is handled the same internal controls measures built into the software. A request is reviewed by the Procurement Office; verifying the accuracy of the object code used, signature of authorized department head, availability of funds in all accounts being charged and completeness of vendor information.