University Policies

Procuring Using M.G.L. 149 and 30 39M Policy

Administration and Finance

All construction projects will be procured through the mandated guidelines of the appropriately identified M.G.L.; the University will follow M.G.L. guidelines as identified through the Massachusetts Office of the Inspector General’s office; a competitive bid process is followed regardless of funding sources.

Regards to ARRA funding, built into the specs will be the following mandated forms: Contract Attachment, Notice of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, W-9 which must include DUNS number and the four digit zip code extension, Know Your Rights under the Recovery Act and How to Post Recovery Jobs. The Davis Bacon Act will also be included along with the Prevailing Wage Rates for a particular trade(s).

All competitive construction bid processes, regardless of funding sources must meet follow the appropriate M.G.L.

Upon a successful bid process, an award will be made upon acceptable references, a written report from the Better Business Bureau, and absence from state debarred vendor lists (DCAM, OSD, and AG), and the federal excluded parties list. A recommendation is put forth to the V.P. of Administration and Finance/CFO with a letter of intent to the awarded vendor. If the recommendation is accepted the letter is signed, a contract and necessary paperwork is sent to the vendor.

The vendor has 5-10 days (depending on the M.G.L. followed) to return the fully executed contract documents, payment and performance bonds, certificate of liability and other documents deemed appropriate.

Upon return of documents and execution of contract documents by the VP of Administration and Finance/CFO, the vendor may receive an original contract, or copy, and the contract manager receives a copy of the same to initiate the start of contract services.