University Policies

Unplanned (Budgeted) KK Equipment Procurements Policy

Administration and Finance

All unplanned KKK expenditures having an acquisition cost of $1000 or more and not budgeted for are subject to an approval process by the Vice President of Fiscal Affairs.

This page of this policy is to be completed and sent directly to the Vice President of Fiscal Affairs/CFO for review. It is advised to be as complete as possible and to direct the intended procurement to a goal, initiative or strategy of your department and/or the University.

Notification will be by email if the request has been accepted or declined.

Department Requestor


  1. What type of equipment are you purchasing?

  2. What is the justification for purchase?

  3. How is the procurement tied into the goals and mission statement of the College?

  4. Where the funding coming from and what is is eliminated because of this transfer?


Vice President of Fiscal Affairs

Not Approved