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MASCAC Student Athlete Eligibility Policy

Student Affairs

To be eligible to represent MASCAC as a WSU student-athlete in intercollegiate competition, a student-athlete shall maintain satisfactory progress and remain in good academic standing toward a baccalaureate degree as determined by Worcester State.

Academic eligibility. A student-athlete is eligible if any one of the following criteria is satisfied:
i) A student-athlete must pass a total of twenty-four (24) credit hours in each academic year from September 1 to August 31. Verification of eligibility will take place at the beginning of the Fall semester;
ii) A student-athlete who has completed only one full-time semester and takes a semester(s) off must have passed twelve credit hours prior to competing again. This will include the full time semester course work and any transferable credits earned during the leave;
iii) A student-athlete who has completed two or more full semesters and takes a semester(s) off must have passed twenty-four (24) credits during their last two fulltime semesters and the period of their leave;
iv) A student who has never participated in intercollegiate athletics at a MASCAC institution shall be exempt from the 24 credit rule and immediately eligible in their initial season of participation;
v) A student fails to complete twenty-four (24) credit hours in the academic year must have passed twenty-four (24) credits in the last two consecutive academic semesters to become eligible;
vi) A transfer student, who is transferring into a MASCAC member institution the first time begins anew for these purposes;
vii) Learning disabled students may request an appeal of the 24 credit hour rule, if there is appropriate documentation through the institutional Disability Services office per this will be granted at the Commissioner’s discretion;
viii) Any exception to these rules may be granted upon application being made to the Eligibility Committee of the Conference.