University Policies

Student Athlete Eligibility Policy

Student Affairs

To be eligible to represent WSU in intercollegiate competition, a student-athlete shall maintain satisfactory progress and remain in good academic standing toward a baccalaureate degree as determined by Worcester State.

A. Minimum Standards
  1. Must carry a minimum of 12 credits per semester.
  2. Must pass a minimum of 24 credits per calendar year. (Sept. through August)
  3. Must be in good academic standing according to the policies of Worcester State:
    Credits Attempted Minimum Cum. GPA
    0-29 1.50
    30-59 1.75
    60 and over 2.00

    B. Academic Probation
    Students who fail to meet the minimum Grade Point Average based on the number of credits attempted will be placed on “Academic Probation” Status. Students will be notified of their academic probation status by the Registrar as well as by the Athletic Dept. Academic Coordinator.
    Students placed on probation will not be eligible to participate in athletics, and also face losing their eligibility to receive financial aid. If the student fails to improve and regain good academic standing in that time, he/she will be dismissed from the College. See Student Handbook.

    C. Appeal of Dismissal
    Students who fail to meet the minimum standards for Good Standing after a year on academic probation may appeal to continue as a student on a second year of academic probation. The appeal must be made in writing to the Undergraduate Academic Dean. See Student Handbook.