University Policies

Right of Entry/Search and Seizure Policy

Student Affairs
Residence Life and Housing

The University reserves the right to enter the student’s room in the following instances:
(A) when there is sufficient reason to believe that an occupant of the room may be physically harmed or endangered or university property is being endangered; there exists any other emergency; or University policy is being violated;
(B) to make periodic health, safety, and maintenance inspections; or
(C) to make routine physical repairs to University property. If there is some specific reason to suspect that a criminal offense has taken place or that evidence of such an offense may be secured in a room, University personnel will enter the room only with a resident’s permission or pursuant to a warrant. If in the course of any entry made pursuant to this Section X of the Occupancy License Agreement, illegal materials are found in plain view, they will be removed and the affected resident(s) will be notified of the confiscation and face possible disciplinary action; or
(D) to show a prospective resident the residential room; or
(E) to deliver confidential or sensitive communication between the University and the student.