University Policies

Establishing and Implementing DSO Accomodations Policy

Student Affairs
Disability Services Office

Accommodations and services are individually determined based on the functional limitation(s) that are identified by the diagnostic evaluation and during the Disability Services Office (DSO) intake appointment. It is at the discretion of Worcester State University and the DSO to determine accommodations as reasonable in compliance with ADA guidelines. Accommodations cannot conflict with the essential components of a course or degree.

During the intake interview, students will learn about the systems and procedures in place to request and receive specific services and accommodations for their individualized needs. Many accommodations have detailed request forms that students will be required to complete. However, the following general procedure has been established to implement reasonable and appropriate accommodations and services after qualified students have registered with the DSO.

  • Students are responsible for requesting accommodations from the DSO and notifying each instructor with a letter from DSO on a semester by semester basis in order to receive them. It is recommended that students request accommodations prior to or at the beginning of each semester.
  • Upon student request, reasonable accommodations will be implemented in a timely fashion in collaboration with each instructor.
  • For students registering late in the semester, accommodations may not go into place until the beginning of the next term.
  • Accommodations will not be retroactive.