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Housing Accommodations Policy

Student Affairs
Disability Services

Housing accommodations are individually determined and based on the functional limitation(s) that are identified by the student and confirmed by a physician or other qualified professional. It is at the discretion of Worcester State University and the Housing Accommodations Committee to determine accommodations as reasonable, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Any student requesting a housing accommodation is required to complete an Application for Housing – Student Request Form. In addition, a second form, a Disability Verification Disclosure Form completed by a physician or qualified professional is required and must include diagnosis and support for the requested accommodation(s). Both forms shall be returned to Disability Services Office by a specific date in early December for consideration of requests for the following academic year. No determination of accommodation will be made until both of these forms have been completed in full and are received by Disability Services Office. Housing accommodations requests are reviewed on an annual basis; accommodations are not routinely carried from one academic year to the next.

The Housing Accommodations Committee comprised of representatives from Residence Life, Health Services and Counseling reviews and issues decisions on every request. The Committee is chaired by the Director of Disability Services Office whose role is technical advisor and facilitator; the Chair does not vote.

The Director of Disability Services Office meets with Residence Life/Housing staff the first week of December to review each request received. Medical related requests are forwarded to Health Services; mental health related requests are forwarded to the Counseling Center. Those respective representatives will present their recommendations to the full Committee.

The Committee meets to review each request received. If additional information is required, a member of the Committee will follow-up with the student or professional/practitioner. The full Committee, without the Chair, votes on each request and a decision is rendered.

The student is informed by Residence Life/Housing within 5 working days of the Committee meeting.

Any appeal must be received in writing, addressed to the Associate Vice President, Student Affairs/Dean of Students.