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Recognition of Student Clubs Policy

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Any student run organization that would like to be established on campus must be recognized as a student organization by the Student Senate. Any existing student organization must be re-recognized each year by the Student Senate Parliamentarian.

I. Forming a New Student Club
Students are encouraged to hold an interest meeting on campus to find other students that are interested in the group. The Associate Director of Student Center/Student Activities can assist in reserving space for the meeting as well as publicity.

Once a group of interested students is established, officers should be selected as well as a full time faculty or staff advisor. The organization must also construct a charter with purpose and structure of the organization clearly stated. In order for your group/organization to be recognized by the Student Senate, it must possess a Charter with your purpose and structure stated clearly. Also included should be the structure of the group/organization and election procedure.

Each new group/organization must submit a Charter, a list of officers, members and advisors and any formal or informal outside (off-campus) affiliations (e.g. an honor society that is affiliated with a national organization) to the Senate Parliamentarian and the Assistant Dean, Director, Student Center/Student Activities (AD, DSC/SA). The Procedural Committee of the Student Senate will review your charter and possibly suggest changes to it. If the charter conflicts with the Student Government Association Constitution or its By-laws, revisions will be necessary. Once it is in accordance with the SGA Constitution and By-laws, it will be posted at the Senate Office for one week in order to give each senator an opportunity to review it. The Parliamentarian will then, at the next Senate meeting, make a motion that the charter be accepted and that your organization be accepted as a Special Interest Club for the academic year. A representative of the group may be required to be present at the meeting. The group may also request funding of $300.00 at that time. The recognition of a special interest group lasts only for that academic year. If its members wish to remain active, they must repeat the process of submitting their charter, officers, advisors and any outside affiliations to the Senate Parliamentarian the following year. Once a Special Interest Club has been recognized for two full academic years, it may request a hearing by the Senate Procedural Committee to become a Provisional Major Organization (PMO). Once approved as a PMO it may submit a budget proposal to the Senate Treasurer for approval. If they decide to apply to become a major student organization, the members should revise their goals and purposes as an organization to include broader goals that serve the entire student body rather than one small group. The Senate will decide whether the student organization has a broad enough appeal to merit recognition as a major student organization. If the group is recognized as a major student organization it may submit a full budget and no longer requires yearly re-recognition. However, if a major student organization is inactive for a full academic year; its members must petition the Senate to be re-recognized.

Requests for recognition must be submitted to the Senate Parliamentarian no later than March 1 for the request to be considered.

Once the Student Senate approves your charter, it will be sent to the AD, DSC/SA or his/her designee for University approval. The charter will be checked for the following:

  • Compliance with the Student Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Compliance with federal, state or municipal law.
  • Unusual liabilities which might be incurred by Worcester State (e.g. Skydiving Club).
  • Compliance with Worcester State University rules, regulations and policies.

II. Re-Recognition of Existing Student Clubs
Academic Honor Societies and Special Interest Clubs that had been recognized the previous year simply need to send a request to the Senate Parliamentarian and the Assistant Dean/Director, Student Center/Student Activities requesting re-recognition. The request should contain a list of current officers and advisor(s). All officers must be current student activity fee paying students. The Senate Parliamentarian will review the request and present it to the Senate.

The Senate Parliamentarian will then notify the club or honor society that it has been recognized for the academic year and will receive $300 in funding, contingent upon the Treasurer and/or Chairperson attending the required budgeting workshop.

Special Interest Clubs that are proposing to revise their Charters are required to submit their proposed charter along with a list of officers and advisors. The Senate Parliamentarian will review your charter and may ask representatives of your club to meet with the Procedural Committee. A recommendation to approve would be presented to the full Senate for a vote. Once approved by the Senate Parliamentarian, the organization will be notified and it will receive $300 in funding, contingent upon the Treasurer and/or Chairperson attending the required budgeting workshop.

Requests for re-recognition must be submitted to the Senate Parliamentarian no later than March 1 for the request to be considered.