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The Student Center/Student Activities Office is responsible for assisting organizations in reviewing and approving plans and proper planning and coordination of events. It is the responsibility of the members and advisors of the student organization to insure proper planning of events. The Office provides a workshop on how to plan an event, explaining those tasks which are expected before, during and after an event. Only organizations that have participated in one of these workshops will be allowed to schedule a student social event.
There are two types of events as defined by this policy: open and unrestricted events. Open events involve participation from Worcester State and non-Worcester State persons. Unrestricted events involve participation from Worcester State and non-Worcester State persons and may be advertised off campus.

Requests to sponsor all events must be submitted for approval through the established Program Clearance process. Event sponsors must select appropriate space for each event so that attendance will not exceed the maximum room capacity. The Student Center/Student Activities Office facilitates arrangements such as requests for Worcester State Police, cleaning and Student Manager details through the Program Clearance process. The sponsoring office or student organizations are responsible for any personnel or equipment costs resulting from an event, such as food service, maintenance, police details or staffing when an event goes beyond the normal operating hours of the Student Center. In addition, the sponsor will be responsible for all damages, any and all theft or vandalism resulting from the sponsorship of the activity and the use of the facility.

NOTE: Events where alcoholic beverages are served must comply with the guidelines established in the “Policies and Procedures Regarding Alcoholic Beverage Use” which can be found in the student leaders’ handbook, “SYNERGY.”
  1. Unrestricted events usually do not require a Worcester State Police detail. Examples of unrestricted events include but are not limited to movies, special meals, lectures, coffeehouses, comedy shows, etc.
  2. Open events may be advertised off campus. A Worcester State Police detail will be assigned to work open student social events. Examples of open events include most dances, parties, concerts and outdoor events. Outdoor events may be restricted to Worcester State community members only and restrictions regarding off-campus advertising may apply. Worcester State Police details for such events are determined by the Student Center/Student Activities Office, the Worcester State Police Office and the sponsoring organization.

    Responsibilities of the Student Organization Sponsor:
    In order to hold an event student organization sponsors must:

    1. Before the Event:
    • Attend the Student Center/Student Activities Office workshop on how to plan a student organization sponsored event;
    • Meet with Student Center/Student Activities staff at least two weeks prior to event to discuss specifics of the event and to complete room reservation/program clearance form;
    • Reserve desired room with appropriate facility reservationists;
    • Identify two (2) student organization members to work as on-site contacts during the event;
    • Participate in pre-event meeting with advisor, Worcester State Police and other personnel relevant to the event.
    2. During the event:
    • Attend event from start to finish;
    • Wear name badges/stickers (some are available in Student Center/Student Activities Office) or clothing which clearly identifies them as the event sponsors to advisors, Worcester State Police officers, guests and other relevant personnel;
    • Perform event management duties during the entire event as applicable to the type of event, including selling tickets, collecting tickets, checking IDs, registering guests, managing the stage area and overseeing the audience activity;
    • Assist with crowd control, including emergency exit monitoring and notifying Worcester State Police, advisors or Student Center personnel of any problems that arise during the event;
    • Announce the approved ending time of the event during the activity.
    3. After the Event
    • Announce that the event has ended;
    • Assist in clearing people from the facility.

    Pre Event Meeting
    The student organization or office, event sponsors, advisors, a senior Worcester State Police officer and other personnel relevant to the event are expected to meet to discuss the logistics of the event immediately prior to the start of the event. The purpose of this meeting is to provide introductions among assigned personnel, a review of assignments and clarification of the following:

    • When will the doors open? When will they be locked?
    • Who are the two student Event Sponsors?
    • Which Event Sponsor is supervising student security personnel? How will the student security be identifiable to the officers?
    • What do the tickets look like? Are they unique, numbered in order and difficult to copy?
    • What is the admission charge? Who is responsible for the cash box?
    • What is the procedure for securing cash collected during the event?
    • Who has the sign in sheets? Who has the guest list? (if applicable)
    • What is the event schedule?
    • Other questions?

    Responsibilities of Student Organization Advisors
    Student Organization Advisors are expected to familiarize themselves with the contents of the Student Leader’s Handbook, “SYNERGY.” The Handbook includes information on general liability, event management, alcohol policies, Worcester State rules and procedures and the role and responsibilities of an advisor. Advisors are encouraged to attend one of the “How to Plan an Event” workshops with their student leaders.

    Student organization advisors should:

    • Attend the event from start to finish;
    • Supervise the student members working the event;
    • Assist in supervising the event to include periodic monitoring of attendees, enforcing all Worcester State policies and procedures, clearing people from facility after the event;
    • Serve as a liaison between the student organization and the Worcester State Police officers assigned to work the event or activity;
    • Coordinate and attend a brief pre-event meeting of the leaders of the sponsoring student organization, the Worcester State Police officer on duty and any other involved personnel. The purpose of the meeting will be to review all details of the event and the responsibilities of individuals working the event;
    • Insure that pre-determined light levels for the event are maintained, as described in the Protocols for Open Events section of this policy;
    • Assist in resolving any problems reported by members of the sponsoring student organization;
    • Terminate the event if any violation of policies or any security and/or safety concerns warrant such action after consultation with the student leaders and the Worcester State Police officers.

    Responsibilities of the Worcester State University Police Officers
    Worcester State Police officers are assigned to work student social events as determined by the Chief or designee. A minimum of three police officers will be assigned to any dance or concert event that anticipates attendance of 150 or more. If Worcester State Police Department exhausts their detail list, they will hire Worcester Police Department to assist the Worcester State officers with the event. The club that is hosting the event will still be responsible for paying said officers. The number of officers assigned to a specific event to provide an atmosphere of safety and security will be determined by the Worcester State Police Department depending on the following influencing factors:

    • Anticipated number of event participants;
    • Room/facility size and/or number of entrances and exits;
    • Whether or not alcoholic beverages are served;
    • Need to provide special protection for areas (i.e. parking lots, rest rooms, lobbies or other areas outside the facility);
    • Presence of non-Worcester State attendees;
    • History of violence at similar events;
    • History of illegal or unauthorized use of alcohol at similar events.

    Worcester State Police officers assigned to an event will remain stationed near the site of the event unless an event-related disturbance occurs elsewhere in the building. The officers are expected to assist event sponsors when appropriate and serve as a background presence. Problems that do not appear to have a threatening element or a potential criminal offense involved will be initially addressed by a member of the sponsoring organization in a peer type manner. Assigned officers are expected to:

    • Participate in pre-event meeting;
    • Provide close back up to students or staff assigned to check ID cards;
    • Assist the event sponsors in their efforts to control the behavior of persons attending the event;
    • Patrol the venue and monitor the hallway, rest rooms and event activities for illegal behavior; Deter criminal activity at the event;
    • Discourage loitering outside the event;
    • Take enforcement action as needed.
    • Assist in summoning medical and fire responders if needed;
    • Assist event sponsors in dispersing attendees at the conclusion of the event.

    Protocols for Open Events (Revised 10/2/06)

    Worcester State reserves the right to deny admission to anyone who does not comply with the prescribed security measures for any particular event.

    1. Admission
    The following is required for admission to an open event:

    • Dance and Contemporary Concert Events will be limited to students with a Worcester State ID. Worcester State students are allowed 1 guest (18+only, proof of age required). Worcester State student must sign in their guest at the door with both the WS student and guest clearly printing their name on a sign-up sheet.
    • Other open events (not Dance and Contemporary Concert Events) require a Worcester State ID or a photo ID verifying age 18+ for any attendee who is not a WS student.

    2. Dance Events held on the first floor of the Student Center will be capped at 300 attendees.

    3. A minimum of 3 Police officers will be assigned to any dance or concert event that anticipates attendance of 150 or more. If Worcester State Police Department exhausts their detail list, they will hire Worcester Police Department to assist the WS officers with the event. The club that is hosting the event will still be responsible for paying said officers.

    4. Advertising
    Advertising for an event should clearly state the security measures and expectations that attendees are required to adhere to. The following information must be included in advertising an event:

    • Date, time, place, sponsor and ticket price;
    • Valid Worcester State ID required for admittance.
    • Picture ID required for non Worcester State students (College ID required for Dance & Contemporary Concert Events)
    • Non-students must be 18 years of age or older or must be accompanied by a parent or guardian;
    • Other security measures deemed necessary during the Program Clearance process.

    5. Signs at Entrance
    The sponsoring organization is responsible for providing signs at all entrance doors that clearly state the following:

    • A valid Worcester State or other college ID is required for admittance at Dance & Contemporary Concert events;
    • Guests must provide a photo ID with proof they are 18+ years of age and must sign in at the door as a guest of a specified Worcester State student.
    • The host of the event will not allow re-entry to any patron who leaves the dance after 12:30 AM. The host is responsible for signage indicating the re-entry policy. The admission doors will close no later than 1:00 AM, or 1 hour prior to the stated ending time of the event.
    • Smoking is prohibited within the building;
    • Cameras and/or recording devices are not permitted;
    • Sponsors reserve the right to inspect bags, purses, etc. as a condition of admittance;
    • Alcohol is not permitted;
    • Bottles, cans or other containers such as water bottles, soda cans will not be permitted;
    • Chains or similar articles that may be hazardous will not be permitted;
    • Times doors will open and close;
    • Satisfactory compliance with the above policies is expected. Individuals may be removed and/or the event may be terminated for failure to comply.

    6. Ticket Sales and Collections
    Tickets must be numbered sequentially and cannot exceed the maximum room capacity. When calculating tickets vs. room capacity the number of staff and size of stage must be factored in. Tickets must specify the times doors open and close. On completion of ticket sales, reconciliation, including total number or tickets sold and unsold (still in possession) and total cash proceeds, must be completed with the appropriate advisor and/or other Worcester State personnel. All proceeds must be promptly deposited through the Student Center/Student Activities Office. Proceeds may not be deposited into external accounts or held as cash. It is not advisable to hold large amounts of cash, or wait to deposit proceeds until after the event. The Student Center/Student Activities Office is available to assist student organizations in locating a ticket manufacturer and with ticket sales.

    7. Checking IDs
    Students and/or Worcester State staff assigned to check identification may only accept a valid Worcester State ID for current students and a picture ID indicating birth date for guests who are not WS students. If the validity of an ID is questionable, students and/or Worcester State staff assigned to check IDs are encouraged to request assistance from the Worcester State Police officer at the event. When alcohol is being sold or served at an event, checking IDs is the responsibility of the alcohol provider at on-campus events, and the authorized non-Worcester State affiliated personnel of the facility hosting the event, i.e. club, restaurant, hotel, banquet facility, etc.

    8. Age Requirement
    Individuals who are under 18 years of age and are not current Worcester State students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

    9. Lighting
    Minimum lighting must be provided at all times during an event. Exit signs must be lit and cannot be obstructed in any way. There must be adequate stage or overhead lighting in order to see audience members and to see across the facility at all times. The senior Worcester State Police officer on detail will determine if lighting is sufficient.

    10. Crowd Behavior
    Inappropriate behavior including, but not limited to, crowd surfing, stage diving, slam dancing, moshing or other behavior that creates a risk to dancers and/or bystanders is strictly prohibited and will be cause for removal and possible disciplinary and/or legal action.

    11. Sanctions
    Student organizations and/or individuals that violate or fail to adhere to this policy and protocols without specific authorization from the Student Center/Student Activities Office will be subject to legal or University disciplinary action as appropriate. This could include actions which affect the recognition status or privileges of the student organization and/or its members.

    12. Duration of Event
    All events will end by (or before) 2:00 a.m. Requests to extend the ending time beyond 2:00 a.m. will be considered by the Student Center/Student Activities Office as part of the Program Clearance process.

    13. Police officers and advisors and the building manager of the Student Center will do a walk through the building 15-30 minutes prior to the start of the event.

    14. Exits of any students, emergency notwithstanding will be done through the bookstore entrance.