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Worcester State University does, however, impose certain requirements and controls in connection with travel that it formally sanctions or sponsors. While Worcester State reserves the right to impose special requirements in any individual case, the general rules that are of application to such travel are set forth in these Student Travel Guidelines.

a. Worcester State-sponsored travel is travel that is sponsored by Worcester State itself through one of its departments or offices. In every case, a Worcester State-sponsored student travel program requires the prior approval of the Vice President of Student Affairs.
b. Worcester State-sanctioned travel is any travel/trip sponsored by a recognized student organization, club or athletic team (beyond regularly scheduled season’s contests). This shall include individual travel related to the business/purpose of the organization, club, or team, and group travel (e.g.. a bus trip within the state, all travel outside the state, and any overnight trips). In all cases, Worcester State-sanctioned travel program must be approved by the Vice President, Student Affairs.
c. An individual may not solicit or offer trips to the campus population as an independent representative of a travel agency or tour operator. This is designed to prevent the “stinging” of participants, which has often occurred in the past when an inexperienced student was hired as an “agent” by a travel company or tour operator. Any Student’s Failure to comply with the procedure may result in Judicial Action by Worcester State.

In every case, Worcester State-sponsored or Worcester State-sanctioned travel requires prior approval of either the Vice President, Student Affairs (VPSA) or the Vice President, Academic Affairs (VPAA).
a. Travel sponsored by an academic department or other academic program must be approved by the Vice President, Academic Affairs.
b. Travel sponsored by athletics, a recognized student organization, or club must be approved by the Vice President, Student Affairs.
3. Once a Worcester State sponsored or sanctioned travel plan has been decided, representatives of the sponsoring organization must meet with the professional staff person designated by the VP,SA, or VP,AA.
4. As soon as possible after the deadline for submission of price quotations, the appropriate professional staff person (Athletics Director, advisor, coach, faculty member) and student leader (for non-athletic clubs/teams only) shall submit, to the VPSA, or VPAA., the specifics of the travel program for review and approval. This proposal shall include:

  • purpose, dates, and itinerary
  • estimated number of participants
  • number and names of chaperones
  • copies of price quotations and names of selected vendor(s)
  • source(s) of funding for the trip
  • financial breakdown of total cost of trip.

5. Worcester State University reserves the right to require, as a condition of any student’s participating in any Worcester State-sanctioned or Worcester State-sponsored travel, that the student or his/her guardian sign a waiver of all claims against Worcester State University and its employees for liabilities that may arise out of such travel. Worcester State University may impose this requirement whenever Worcester State-sponsored or Worcester State-sanctioned travel occurs outside (or inside, i.e., paintball, skydiving) the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
6. Worcester State University shall require the student organization’s, club’s or team’s advisors, coach or professional staff person(s) to accompany any trip which in the judgment of Worcester State requires the presence of a professional staff member. His/her duties will be to assist in securing the services contracted. The staff member will also assist the members of the student organization and the participants in following the established guidelines for the trip.
7. Written contracts will be required with all vendors. The agreements shall contain specific information to include: exact overall costs; hotel costs; transportation costs; departure and return dates; times and locations; number of spaces provided; name of hotel(s) and public transportation carrier(s); clear statement of refund policy; payment deadlines if applicable; the availability of complimentary spaces; a clear statement delineating routine or special expenses not included in the price of the trip. A copy of all contracts must be on file in the office of either the VPSA, or VPAA.
8. Individuals may forfeit deposits in the event they cancel out of the event and cannot find a replacement. All cancellation, refund and deposit policies must be clearly stated in the contract. A copy of these policies, which will vary from trip to trip, must be given to each participant prior to his/her initial deposit; and the participant must read, and sign, a copy of the cancellation, refund, and deposit policy.
9. All trips will be offered either to students only (or students and a guest only) first. For example, a Spring Break trip to Florida would be offered “to students only” first, while a Senior Class trip to NYC may be offered to “Seniors and a guest only” first. A trip offered “students only” first shall have a specified time period announced for students to reserve spaces. Thereafter, additional available spaces may be filled by a student adding a guest to the list and paying the appropriate deposit.
10. Participants in any Worcester State-sponsored or Worcester State sanctioned travel are expected to behave responsibly. Students who violate standards of conduct set forth in this or any other Worcester State policy will be subject to the procedures and sanctions of the student judicial code. All participants in such travel are personally responsible for any injury or damage they cause to other persons or their property and Worcester State, or it’s agents, assume no liability for any such damage or injury. All participants are personally liable for any costs, however incurred, that are not included in the travel package as advertised.
11. The travel agency or tour operator will be required to carry adequate liability insurance and/or show proof of adequate liability coverage by carriers.
12. It is the responsibility of the students to be aware of and adhere to departure times. Participants who miss travel connections are personally liable for any costs incurred in securing substitute transportation.
13. Worcester State assumes no liability for a student choosing to ride in a private vehicle to or from the trip’s destination. Participants who travel in private vehicles do so at their own risk.
14. Student organization may subsidize a trip’s cost. Any complimentary trips will be decided by the organization’s officers and advisor(s). Attendance at an educational program or conference related to the organization’s purpose can be subsidized up to one hundred percent (100%).
15. NEITHER WORCESTER STATE UNIVERSITY NOR ANY STUDENT ORGANIZATION ASSUMES ANY FINANCIAL OR OTHER RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT’S OR ANY OTHER PERSON’S FAILURE TO PROVIDE IN WHOLE OR IN PART, ANY SERVICE OR PRODUCT IN CONNECTION WITH ANY WORCESTER STATE-SPONSORED OR WORCESTER STATE SANCTIONED TRIP; NOR DOES WORCESTER STATE UNIVERSITY OR ANY STUDENT ORGANIZATION ASSUME ANY FINANCIAL OR OTHER RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE QUALITY OF ANY SUCH SERVICE OR PRODUCT THAT IT OR ANY OTHER PERSON DOES PROVIDE IN CONNECTION WITH ANY SUCH TRIP. In the case of every trip, it is responsibility of the travel agency, tour operator and other vendors of services and products. Worcester State may in any particular case, but at its sole discretion, take such steps as it deems appropriate to secure such vendor’s fulfillment of any obligations undertaken in connection with a trip to secure refunds from vendors with respect to services or products not provided or not properly provided, but Worcester State Univiersity assumes no obligation to take such steps and no liability in consequences of its doing so. WORCESTER STATE UNIVERSITY ASSUMES NO OBLIGATION TO MAKE REFUNDS TO STUDENTS IN THE EVENT A TRIP IS CANCELLED, POSTPONED, OR ALTERED.

a. Passport must be valid for at least 6 months after return date.
b. Check to see if a visa is required to enter the country or countries to which travel is planned. International students, or students in other visa status, must check with Worcester State’s International Student Advisor.
c. Check with your health insurance provider to ensure you will be covered overseas. Consider an additional insurance plan, which covers medical evacuation and repatriation. Information is available at the International Programs Office.
d. Travel to countries that the U. S. Department of State has issued travel warnings for will not be approved by Worcester State. Check with International Programs for the latest warnings.
e. Make sure that all documents are prepared for travel and you have copies of them at home with a relative or other responsible person, including passport and visa information, credit card number(s), and insurance information.