University Policies

Donations Policy

Development and Institutional Advancement
Office Of Institutional Advancement

This policy specifies guidelines for handling donations and non-donation moneys collected for Athletic Programs.


  1. Donations received from Advertisement Books etc…
    • All business and individuals along with the amount paid for the advertisement should be listed to all for proper credit.
    • Cash collected should be sent with a name and address to allow for entry into the system and proper credit given.
    • A thank you letter will be generated following gift acknowledgement policy.
  2. Donations received thru Fund Raising Events – golf tournaments, bowling, etc.
    • All business and individuals should be listed if a cash donation.
      Amount of expenses generated from the fund raiser should be accounted for and the balance would be the amount of the donation.
    • (For example – Baseball has a golf tournament as a fund raiser. The price to play is $100.00. It has to be determined what the cost is (say $80.00).
    • The amount to be credited to the donor would be $20.00.) Person holding the event would determine if a thank you letter should be sent.
  3. Any funds raised through the Lancer Club solicitations would be donations and processed in accordance with policies related to any donation.

The following have been considered non donations and the money deposited into the appropriate fund.

  • Trip money (except for baseball – no thank you sent.)
  • Payment for an expense (i.e. equipment, reimbursement for event)
  • Raffle money
  • Fees for Athletic Camps and/or Clinics
  • Concession Stand Collections
  • Gate Receipts Collections
  • Gym/Field Rental
  • Parking Receipts