University Policies

Grant Procurement and Management Policy

Development and Institutional Advancement
Office of Institutional Advancement

Worcester State College encourages its faculty and administrative staff to seek external funding from governmental and independent funding agencies, organizations and individuals in support of academic research, improved instructions, curriculum and programmatic development, student support, facilities and overall institutional development activities that adhere to and promote the mission of the College.

This policy provides helpful guidelines and internal protocols that the members of the college community must follow in proposal development, grant applications, procurement and management of all external grant funded activities. The policy covers administrative responsibilities and protocols for grant procurement in the pre-award process and grant management in the post-award process.

The following protocols are to be followed:


  • PI (principal investigator) discusses proposal idea with department head and receives approval.
  • PI and Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations identify funding source.
  • Area Vice President provides preliminary approval.
  • PI develops proposal with support from Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations.
  • Proposal is discussed at Executive Leadership Team.
  • Proposal budget is approved by Finance Office.
  • Grant Application Clearance form (See Additional Information Section below on how to obtain it) is completed by PI and Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations.
  • Grant Application Clearance form is approved by Department Chair, Area VP and CFO.


  • Grant award letter/check is sent to Development and External Relations.
  • PI, Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations, President, CFO and Department Head are notified of award.
  • PI and Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations work with Finance Office to set up grant account. If it is a government grant, PI will provide reporting and billing requirements to the Finance Office.
  • PI submits invoices of grant reimbursable expenses to Finance Office. Finance will bill if performance or reimbursement based.
  • Finance Office maintains reports of use of grant funds.
  • PI assures timely spending of funds within grant deadlines.
  • Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations assures timely completion of evaluation reports in collaboration with PI.
  • PI completes any interim and final reports required.
  • Copies of interim and final reports are provided to Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations and area VP.

Please Click here to download the Grant Application Clearance Form. Please contact Michael Wronski, Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations, X8097, email: for further information.