University Policies

Lancer Club Donation Policy

Development and Institutional Advancement
Office of Institutional Advancement

  1. Mailings will be sent out by Development Officer - Lancer Club to all Lancer Club prospects.
  2. Lancer Club Prospects return the donation to W.S.C. c\o Development Officer - Lancer Club in a pre-marked LANCER CLUB return envelope with donor card.
  3. Any money received by donation from coaches should be brought to Development Office within 3 days to allow appropriate processing and timely thank-you letter.
  4. Development Office deposits donations in the applicable account/s and applies credit to the donor in the amount given.
  5. Query report is printed listing donor, address and applicable account to which the money was applied. Two copies printed:
    a. Development Officer - Lancer Club
    b. Applicable Coach
    c. Also a Batch report is printed for file with date Thank-you Letters are printed for mailing.
  6. Thank-you letter is generated for signature and mailing by Development Officer - Lancer Club which s/he receives along with the donor card for her/his records.
  7. Both Development Officer - Lancer Club and the appropriate coach make contact with the donor after receiving Batch report via:
    a. Thank-you letter with personal note
    b. Follow up phone call (if applicable)
  8. Development Officer - Lancer Club will keep track of applicable donations for Lancer Club promotions and give-aways.
  9. Monthly balance reports are sent to the coaches if there has been activity in that account.
    a. Deposits and Expenses are listed on the excel spread sheets
    b. Expenses that are approved by manager are entered and will be paid by fundraising money. Two copies are made one for main file and one for folder.

Appeals To Use For Athletics

  1. FY__ Ads - All Ad donations received from Coaches for Sport Ad books
  2. FY__ Coach Solicitation - with prior approval, individual team may solicit its own alumni and parents. Additional approval needed to solicit businesses (usually granted in entirety; coordination with on-going College cultivation and solicitation).
  3. FY__ Appeal description Lancer Club - All donations received from Development (Lancer Club) Solicitation.
  4. FY__ Golf (applicable Sport) - Donations received from Golf events.
  5. FY__ Phone Lancer Club - Donations received by phonation solicitation.
  6. FY__ Trip - Coach requests donations collected applied for Trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Raffles – license required (City of Worcester); filing fee; no donation deduction (per IRS); state documentation and taxes to be paid.
  2. Spring Training (trips) – ask for donation to the applicable sport and trip planned.
  3. General revenue – Cash and checks to be recorded and submitted within 72 hours of event to Development Office for deposit and acknowledgement.
  4. Donation – Cash and checks (with memo section filled out for restriction) will be processed by the Development Office and an official gift acknowledgement will be sent by the Director of Development or the Lancer Club Director to the donor. Gifts are tax-deductible.
  5. Equipment (new or used) – Value of equipment (new and used) must have written independent appraisal. Contact Development Office for details…there are IRS forms to be used.
  6. Discounts from Vendors – frowned upon…better for business to issue full invoice and later on make cash donation. Paper trail is easier for us to have for donor acknowledgement and recognition purposes.
  7. Soliciting Businesses – Please meet with the Development Office professionals BEFORE you implement your team appeals. There may be a more effective way and we may avoid a collision of solicitations that can sometimes irk the business owner(s).
  8. Timely reports of balances of team funds – It will be the responsibility of the Development Office to issue quarterly statements of balances in team accounts for deposits made through the Development Office.

Feel free to contact Don Cushing, Development Officer - Lancer Club ’66 (x 8866; or Don Lightfoot, Director of Development (x 8786; for assistance. We want you to be successful and will support your efforts to the best of our abilities and with the resources at hand!