University Policies

Naming Opportunities Policy

Development and Institutional Advancement
Office of Institutional Advancement

The College’s buildings, rooms and other designated areas provide many wonderful naming opportunities. The locations can be named for a monetary gift and this provides significant support towards the advancement of the College’s Mission. There are many rooms and facilities in College buildings where plaques or other recognitions can be placed in honor of a donor’s generosity.

It is important to note that the process of “Naming” locations on campus involves three entities: the Institutional Advancement Office, the President’s Office and the Board of Trustees. To ensure continuity of this practice, the Institutional Advancement Office needs to be initially consulted regarding the naming of buildings, properties, classrooms, etc. Monetary levels have been established that directly relate to the attractiveness/prominence of the entity to be named. The Vice President of Institutional Advancement will provide information and recommend a course of action regarding this initiative. With respect to the proposition of naming buildings or major properties, the Institutional Advancement Office will submit a proposal on behalf of the donor to the Board of Trustees Committee on Finance and Facilities for consideration. The Committee on Finance and Facilities will make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees and the entire Board will then vote to approve or not allow the naming. All other naming opportunities must be coordinated with the Office of Institutional Advancement, with final approval determined by the President of the College. Once a naming opportunity is approved, the donor and College, through the Institutional Advancement Office, will complete a gift agreement that will stipulate the expectations of the donor and the College regarding gift fulfillment and recognition. Stewardship requires that the College honors the expectations of donors and abide by gift agreements, including naming provisions. Naming is generally expected to last the lifetime of the building, facility, unit or program or other endeavor. There may nonetheless be extraordinary circumstances that justify cessation of the use of a name or re-naming such as a change in use, substantial renovation, or demolition of an existing building, facility or part thereof; major academic program changes; failure of a donor to meet the financial commitment of a gift agreement; or other situations unforeseeable at the time of the original naming. When appropriate and feasible, when a name is retired, some form of continuing recognition should be established. The Board of Trustees upon recommendation of the President must approve the re-naming of buildings or major properties.