University Policies

Solicitation, Project, and Event Policy

Development and Institutional Advancement
Office of Institutional Advancement

Worcester State College and Foundation have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that any money received is accounted for in accordance with its intended purpose or in accordance with the donor’s restrictions.

Any project or event that will include solicitation for funds must be sanctioned by the college and approved by the Vice President of the Division. The solicitation/project/event sheet must be completed and signed by the appropriate individuals.

Once this approval is received, a meeting must be set up with the Office of Institutional Advancement and the Finance Office where the solicitation/project/event processing sheet will be completed.

To facilitate that process the following information should be decided before any solicitation is made. Attached are forms (Please see the "Additional Information" section below) to be prepared in writing and provided to those responsible for the recording of donations when there is any solicitation.
Please refer to the linked document for details of this policy. Click here for the details.