University Policies

Access and Maintenance of Non-IT Data Center Equipment Policy

Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Outline the accessibility and maintenance schedules of non-IT stored server equipment in the master Data Center

IT will be responsible for ensuring the Data Center is properly cooled and powered 24x7. Servers will be included on a scheduled backup rotation and Network access will be monitored to ensure quality of service and up-time. Other disaster recovery measures will be taken as needed.

24x7 remote access, to servers located in the Data Center, will be provided to Owner Department's/Vendor server ops staff. This access will include remote control panel access for restarting the server as well as managing routine maintenance. Servers located in the IT Data Center will be added to the backup schedule (it may be requested that additional licensing costs be born by the departments). Owner Department/Vendor shall be notified of any IT planned maintenance windows and/or emergency service.

Additional Information:
If remote solutions will not work to cure a server issue and it becomes necessary to enter the Data Center, IT should be contacted and a member of the IT staff will assist in evaluation and work with department server ops staff when necessary. Owner Departments will only be allowed entry into the Data Center with a member of IT.