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Colleague and FERPA Policy

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Information Technology Services

The purpose of this policy is to establish FERPA guidelines for Colleague

At Worcester State University, only officially designated agents may have access to student education records. Within the context of academic departments, only faculty members, department chairs, and department secretaries may access student education records. Each user accessing the system must have a completed 'Application for Colleague Account' as well as 'Statement of Confidentiality' [SOC as of 3.15.12] on file with the Registrar or their Department, this includes Full, Part-time and Student employees.

Please note that only designated employees of the College may access student education records in any fashion. Additionally, student education records must be kept in secure locations in order to protect individual privacy rights. Student records may not be left in any common areas, including department printers and faculty mailboxes. When student records are accessed electronically via Colleague or WebAdvisor, care must be taken to ensure that casual onlookers cannot view the computer's display. All security best practices associated with Colleague and WebAdvisor must be observed at all times.

What this means is that individual faculty members and department secretaries are obligated to protect the privacy and security of student education records. What this also means is that employees cannot obtain, prepare, or distribute student education records for any purpose unless there is an executed statement of confidentiality on file with the Registrar or their corresponding department [this form is part of the online Application for Colleague Account]. If you would like more information regarding FERPA, please contact the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs or visit:

Additional Information:
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) grants students specific rights of privacy to their education records. According to this act, schools only may disclose without consent student directory information, such as a student's name, place of birth, and dates of attendance. Even with directory information, students may refuse the school permission to disclose this dat