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Copyright and Protected Digital Content Policy

Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

The purpose of this policy is to establish University Technology Services' ('UTS') policy on software and digital content rights.

UTS recognizes the EDUCOM[1] code on software and intellectual rights.

EDUCOM: Software and Intellectual Rights
Respect for intellectual labor and creativity is vital to academic discourse and enterprise. This principle applies to works of all authors and publishers in all media. It encompasses respect for the right to acknowledgement, the right to privacy, and the right to determine the form, manner, and terms of publication and distribution.

Because electronic information is volatile and easily reproduced, respect for the work and personal expression of others is especially critical in computer environments. Violations of authorial integrity, including plagiarism, invasion of privacy, unauthorized access, and trade secret and copyright violations, may be grounds for sanctions against members of the academic community.

[1] Note: The EDUCOM Code, a statement of principle about intellectual property
and the legal and ethical use of software, was developed by the EDUCOM Software
Initiative and intended for adaptation and use by individuals, colleges and universities.
See for additional information
about EDUCOM.

The unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of copyrighted software or other digital content represents a violation of intellectual property rights. We support the intellectual property rights of software and digital content developers and require faculty, staff, and students follow all local, state and federal laws governing copyright protection of software and digital content. Violations of software or digital content copyright may result in the removal of unauthorized material from all university systems and possible additional sanctions.

UTS representing the University's technology interest will ensure that all WSU inventoried software installed on WSU owned computers is in full compliance with associated EULAs and fair use statements. Users who install unsupported software or digital content on their assigned workstations do so at their own risk and assume all EULA responsibilities, as well as any risk to their personal data associated with the installation of unsupported software or digital content.

Additional Information:
Written permission may be requested, in advance, if a user requests University Technology Services/Media Services to digitize and/or post certain types of content. Users requesting this service personnally assume all EULA responsibilities including any copyright infringement. Additionally, end users understand and accept any risk of potential damage to original media during conversion.