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Electronic Campus Surveys Policy

Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

To establish minimum security standards for University surveys.

Any WSU survey that collects PII, PCI, or other sensitive data (FERPA, etc.) must be based on a tool/technology approved by University Technology Services ('UTS').

  • The administration of any WSU survey that collects PII, PCI, or other sensitive data must be tied to individual user network accounts. Such surveys are considered as formal surveys. UTS will assign such access based upon request.
  • For surveys that collect PII, PCI, or other sensitive data, please also see the 'eBusiness and Partner Security Policy'. UTS can assist in the initial configuration and setup of the survey with in-house tools.
  • Users may administer ad hoc surveys based on any tool of preference, provided that PII, PCI, or other sensitive data are not being collected and that the use of such tools do not compromise the integrity of the University's infrastructure or any of its users accounts. See also, the 'eBusiness and Partner Security Policy'
  • Users must self-support on the use of non-WSU survey tools for ad hoc surveys.
  • Individuals or departments that wish to contract out survey development and administration must contact UTS prior to entering into any binding agreement. The purpose of this is to identify any WSU dependencies that might be required in association with the contracted agency; to ensure that FERPA, HIPPA, and other regulatory restrictions/requirements are incorporated into the survey's design.

Additional Information:

  • UTS will not be responsible for development of questions for formal or ad hoc surveys nor provide data analysis for the results of formal or ad hoc surveys.
  • The sponsors of formal or ad hoc surveys are responsible for determining the appropriate survey content, presentation, and administration methodologies.