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Equipment Loan Policy

Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

This policy refers to all equipment distributed by University Technology Services.

Various UTS equipment is available for loan to faculty, staff and students. Equipment is loaned on a first come first serve basis with the exception of department specific equipment - at which time the department receives preferential treatment.

IT Equipment Loan
Contact University Technology Services' Help Desk at x8856 (or online to arrange for equipment loan.

Users may request instruction on the use of any loaned equipment. Any equipment signed out is done so with all of the appropriate cabling peripheral items included. The equipment loan form will list all items signed out, and the policies contained therein.

Should faculty or staff wish to have equipment picked up by a proxy, prior communication with the Help Desk in the form of an email or telephone call is required.

Any faculty, staff, or student who signs out equipment will be required to sign an equipment loan form which acknowledges his/her responsibility to bring back the equipment in proper working order.
Suspension of borrowing privileges may result when:

  • Borrowed equipment is returned late on two or more occasions;
  • Borrowed equipment is used in an unauthorized fashion.
  • Borrowed equipment is returned damaged;
  • Borrowed equipment is lost due to neglect.

Equipment Loans to Students
Students must have the permission of a sponsoring faculty or staff member of the University. This can take the form of an email, signed memo, or signed class roster. Students who borrow University equipment will be responsible for bringing it back in proper working order. The sponsoring faculty or staff member will not be responsible for the damage or theft of equipment by students.

University Technology Services reserves the right to limit the loan of equipment based on demand, availability, or other appropriate considerations.

Additional Information:
Length of Loan
Except where special provisions have been made, equipment shall be signed out for no more than twenty-four hours. Special needs and extended loan durations should be addressed at the time of loan.

Completed Equipment Loan forms for Laptop, PDA or other peripheral equipment signed out for longer than 30 days by WSU Faculty and/or Staff members will be logged in the WSU Inventory Datase (currently Arrival) and additionally be filed with Human Resources. These are considered 'Long-Term' loans.