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Generation and Removal of Student Holds in Colleague Policy

Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Outline process for generating and removing student holds in the WSU Student Information System ('SIS') (currently Colleague)

The generation or removal of a hold must be requested collaboratively with the Registrar's office and/or Student Accounts. Holds can be placed for any number of reasons only at their request. It is imperative that the Registrar, Student Accounts and UTS understand the ramifications of any hold request prior to its implementation or removal.

Existing 'regularly used holds' and their purpose:

  • Financial (?xxx)- placed on account for non-payment. Removed when constraint is met.
  • Academic (?xxx) - placed on account for academic probation purposes. Removed when constraint is met.
  • Laptop Financial Hardhip loan - non-return.

Existing 'special' holds and their purpose:

  • DEPS Parking Survey (PS) - placed on account if required survey not submitted. Removed when constraint is met.

Additional Information:

Holds may impact none, some or all of the following:

  • Access to network resources.
  • Access to the WSU Portal (currently Community System including WSU Gmail and the 'LMS' Learning Management System Blackboard)
  • Access to course(s) in the LMS.
  • Access to WebAdvisor.
  • Access to Colleague