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IT Emergency Response Team Representative Policy

Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

To define the University Technology Services staff member charged with making decisions during Emergency Response Team incidents and during other times when the Division head is unavailable.

UTS will authorize one of its members to represent and make decisions on behalf of University Technology Services. The name of this representative will be listed in the University's Emergency Response Team's manual [IMT/ERT].

  • This policy assumes that the Emergency Response Team has been formally convened in response to a life/safety issue.
  • The named UTS member(s) will represent the interests of University Technology Services and the University at large.
  • Reasonable attempt to communicate critical decisions with the division head prior to implementation. If the division head is not available, or if immediate action is required to address an imminent life/safety issue, then the division representative is authorized to act in accordance to the best interests of UTS and the University.
  • Any actions take by the division representative must be recorded for later debriefing and review.