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Individual User Updates Policy

Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

To establish procedures for updating WSU owned computers.

Operating system updates help keep your software updated with the newest and best code for device drivers, security, reliability and performance. OS updates will scan your computer and list the code updates needed on your system. Sometimes the user has the option to install general updates, however more critical updates are installed automatically. In order to download and install updates, the OS update tool must run as a user with administrative privileges, it is recommended that UTS processes/personnel update all WSU owned computers. UTS thoroughly tests all patches and updates prior to implementation.

It is recommended that UTS processes/personnel perform patch updates to WSU owned computers.

Additional Information:
Student Supported Computers
OS Updates are enabled on student supported computers; supported antivirus software also is configured to regularly update automatically when connected to the internet.

Computer Labs
University Technology Services updates and patches computer lab machines on a regular basis. All OS and security updates and patches are reviewed by UTS personnel prior to release.

Faculty and Staff Desktop Computers
Faculty and Staff comptuers are categorized based on there usage and installed software. UTS updates and patches faculty and staff computers on a regular basis. All updates and patches are reviewed prior to release.

Faculty and Staff Laptops
Faculty and staff laptops represent a special security challenge as they function in a number of network environments. When on campus, faculty and staff laptops will be patched and updated centrally by UTS to ensure system security and stability. If a faculty or staff laptop is primarily used outside of the University's network, then users are strongly encouraged to rely on the automatic OS updates. All faculty and staff laptops are recommended to undergo a twice-annual maintenance check, during which any missing updates or patches are remediated. Faculty and Staff antivirus is updated automatically when the unit is connected to the internet.