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LMS Course Availability Off-Semester Courses Policy

University Technology Services
University Technology Services

Availability of courses that run outside of normal semester dates ('off semester courses')

This policy details the request, confirmation and purpose for listing courses in the Learning Management System ("LMS," such as Blackboard) that fall outside the parameters of normal semester dates.

Off-semester' course shell needed in LMS

  • Course must be entered into Colleague with proper start and end dates.
  • After this is done, normal enrollment can occur in Colleague/Datatel.
  • Course start/end dates are determined solely by the Office of the Provost or DGCE. Course start/end dates are not changed at the discretion of the instructor.

Additional Information:
It should be noted that the above policy has been agreed upon collaboratively between representative Faculty, IT and the Registrar's office.

  • If it is determined that the end date or Course Title or Course ID# is incorrect after enrollment begins (and after 9 weeks prior to the semester start date), this date needs to be changed by the Registrar (to allow instructor access) AND University Technology Services must be notified in advance to run a script which will change the information for each student already enrolled in the course to preserve work done to date by Faculty developing course and any student work.
  • If a course is returned from being disabled via an end date change WITH instructor and student enrollment, then any previous student work may not be recoverable.
  • If a course is returned from being disabled via an end date change WITH instructor but NO student enrollment, previous student work is not an issue.