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LMS Course Availability Policy

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University Technology Services

Defines how courses are made available in the LMS (learning management system) and the timing of same.

Availability of courses, to faculty and students, in the LMS is an automated process. The scripting in place does not allow for manual intervention.

The Datatel SIS database system contains information regarding which faculty are assigned and students are enrolled in specific courses. Assignment and Enrollment files will be created to correspond to the course files. The enrollment file will include enrollments for 3 terms, 1 current term, 1 past term and 1 future term, based upon the following criteria:

Faculty is defined as - a listed instructor of record (multiples allowed) in the Course within the Ellucian/Colleague system. Instructor should contact Registrar's office to confirm listing IF course(s) is not available in the LMS - based upon the follow criteria;
Courses are available to Faculty 9 weeks prior to the start of the semester; and Courses are removed 9 weeks into the next FULL (Fall or Spring) semester. If there is a student with an incomplete or grade challenge the course is available for 9 weeks into the next FULL (Fall or Spring) semester, this meets current rules in place for grade challenges/incompletes. After this time the course is permanently deleted.

Student is defined as - enrolled in class with no grade or “I” in the Datatel/Colleague system;
All Students will have access to the course no more than 9 weeks prior to the course begin date;
Students will have access to the course up to 9 weeks after the course has ended; and
'Incomplete' Students will not have access to a course after 9 weeks into the following full term (this corresponds to the campus policy on clearing incompletes) and has been approved by representative committee. By definition Fall and Spring are considered 'full terms'.

Additional Information:
Faculty will need to self-export/archive courses and their gradebook each semester. The instructions for this can be found at Blackboard LMS, of particular note is moving the created file off Bb once the export has been created (this info is detailed at the end of the online instructions). Once the 9 week deadline has passed, the course (and all content) is permanently deleted.
LMS Course Location:
Use Standard WSU Network Login Authentication Credentials. Dates were established by Committee of Faculty, Registrar and UTS.