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Multiple Blackboard Sections Policy

University Technology Services
University Technology Services

Define which courses with multiple sections in the Blackboard Community System can be cross-linked to appear as a single course to students and faculty.

All dual-listed courses will be conflated into a single course shell allowing faculty who teach dual listed courses to manage a single shell in the Blackboard Community System. Courses will be considered dual listed if they meet the following criteria:

  • Courses listed for multiple programs/departments, such as Women's Studies courses (hypothetical example: EN450* and WS450)
  • Day school courses that have seats available for DGCE students

(hypothetical example: EN101-OL* and EN101-EL)
* Designates primary - this is the course that takes precedence and should be considered the primary location for course materials etc.

This policy has been automated (the information originates in Colleague) and will help eliminate the need for instructors to duplicate their work across multiple sections of the same course and eliminate the problems of trying to manage discussion boards with courses that only contain a few students.

Additional Information:
For reasons of University policy, multiple sections of the same course (i.e., EN101-01, EN101-02, etc.), cannot be dual-listed. Additionally, split graduate/undergraduate courses (i.e., EN450 and EN998) cannot be dual-listed, either.