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Non-Supported Computing, Wireless and Network Devices Policy

University Technology Services
University Technology Services

This policy established guidelines for support for non-recommended computing and network devices.

University's Information Technologies does not support non-recommended computing, wireless and network devices. The University's network is a shared campus resource and UTS reserves the right to restrict the use of any device that negatively impacts or interferes with Campus connectivity.

The University will not provide any level of support for non-recommended computing and network devices.

There are a number of devices that may be connected to the campus network without University intervention. In such instances, the University reserves the right to deny access to such devices if they potentially may compromise the overall integrity of the University's network and common computing environment.

Additional Information:
This policy also includes (but is not limited to) game consoles and other devices.

Running non-standard operating system(s) is an additional support issue and could lead to potential network vulnerabilities.

The College's wireless network is based on the FCC unlicensed 2.4GHz band. Certain wireless devices, such as cordless telephones, cameras, audio speakers, and projection devices, also may use this same band.
The College reserves the right to apply this policy to additional bands in the radio spectrum as necessary.