University Policies

Password Notification Policy

University Technology Services
University Technology Services

The purpose of this policy is to define methods for communicating passwords to users of the University network.

Notification to users about passwords will follow the time and notification methods outlined below.

  • Network usernames and passwords for WSU students, faculty, and staff will be generated automatically by Colleague as part of a daily batch process.
  • Under most circumstances, twenty-four hours are required after faculty, staff, or student records are entered into Colleague for network usernames and passwords to become active.
    Each day, a postal mailer is generated to notify new students of their network usernames/passwords.
  • Users who do not know their network username or password may obtain this information:
    • By visiting Community System and using the Reset Password link;
    • By stopping at the UTS Help Desk [LRC310]; or
    • by USPS mail.