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Patch Management Policy

University Technology Services
University Technology Services

To secure and manage all computers, servers and network infrastructure using available industry standard tools.

WSU University Technology Services manages campus computers and servers by using tools to remotely apply patches and updates. This process will take place off-hours, so users should experience minimal impact. These updates are critical to maintain data security and systems stability.

Patch schedule:

  • Will be applied immediately Critical patches
  • Tuesday 10:30pm-4:00am Lab computers
  • Wednesday 10:30pm-4:00am FacStaff computers
  • Thursday 6:00-8:00am Servers

University Technology Services uses industry standard tools to implement Windows and Mac updates and for our users. Using these tools allows UTS to verify updates prior to widespread installation and eliminates the need for users to perform these updates. The tools remotely turns computers on, logs in, patches the system and reboots the system two (2) times. Please Note: It is possible that users will find their computer in a powered-up state following a patch. It is also possible that users will find that the last logon is that of the tool manager. This should not be cause for concern.

Additional Information:
Worcester State University owns approximately 1,200 computers, a number large enough to make it impractical to manually update each instance of the operating system. Most software developers release regular updates for their applications as a way to offer enhanced functionality or to correct previous programming errors. In most cases, these updates will provide the user with some improvement in overall application experience; in some instances, the updates are critical to maintain data security and systems stability. Microsoft and Apple regularly offers updates, which are called "patches," to address potential problems in its operating system.

It is important that you back up data on a regular basis. While UTS will test each patch prior to deployment, we cannot guarantee with one hundred percent confidence that all users will have their computers successfully updated if there is extensive personal customization of their workstations.

An individual computer user cannot opt out of the University's patching process, as a single vulnerable computer puts the entire campus at risk for data corruption or failure.