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  • Pottery Invitational

    The Worcester Center for Crafts Pottery Invitational is a nationally recognized, 2½ -day exhibit that brings pottery to the people. Juried by guest curators who represent new and exciting ideas in production pottery, the Invitational provides an opportunity for everyone from pottery aficionados to the casually interested to meet 20 American ceramic artists standing in the gallery next to a display of their work.

    Just like daylight savings time, the Pottery Invitational illuminates. See a shape that you find enchanting? Ask the potter how the shape was made. Fall in love with a particular decoration on a pot? Tell the potter and learn the intricacies of their craft. At the Pottery Invitational, best of all, everything on view is for sale.

    During the Invitational, you can enjoy a weekend of programs that include opportunities to see the Center’s cutting edge ceramics studio, watch ceramic artists demonstrate different techniques, and see experts in a variety of fields demonstrate how easy and enriching it is to use quality, handmade pottery in everyday life. The Invitational is usually held in the spring.

  • 2018 Pottery Invitational

    May 4-6
    The 2018 Invitational is being curated by Holly Walker and Sarah Heimann, two master potters.
    This year's artists include Normandy Alden, Noel Bailey, Linda Casbon, Autumn Cipala, Susan Dewsnap, David Eichelberger, Stuart Gair, Sarah Heimann, Jody Johnstone, Kathy King, Colleen McCall, Michael McCarthy, Tom O'Malley, Ronan Peterson, Brenda Quinn, Seth Rainville, Diane Rosenmiller, Nick Seidner, Gertrude Graham Smith, Brian Taylor, Jerilyn Virden, Holly Walker, and Tom White.