Title IX

  • Victim Rights

    Under the Clery Act, certain basic rights are guaranteed to members of the Worcester State University community who are victims of sexual assault. The Title IX delegates are responsible for ensuring that these rights are or have been communicated to the individual. Survivors shall be notified of their options to notify law enforcement.

    Reporting an Assault
    Reporting or not reporting a crime is a personal choice for the survivor. All crimes are worth reporting whether or not you take a legal course of action. Please know that most WSU employees are obligated to report if they know or suspect that a sexual assault has occurred. Additional information is available on the Reporting and Resources page.

    You can contact the WSU Police Department at 508-929-8911. There are several officers who are trained in sexual assault investigations. The police also can provide information on how to obtain a Harassment Prevention Order through the courts and/or a No Contact Order through WSU.

    If a student pursues a complaint through the WSU student conduct system, a hearing will be conducted. Accuser and accused must have the same opportunity to have others present. Each student is entitled to have an advisor present for the hearing and all related meetings. Both parties shall be informed of the outcome of any disciplinary proceeding. Findings and sanctions may range from findings of "not responsible" to sanctions up to and including expulsion from WSU.

    Counseling Services
    Getting the help you need is simple. If you are an undergraduate student, counseling services are available through the WSU Counseling Center

    If you are a WSU employee, you can call the Employee Assistance Program 24/7 to reach a professional counselor. Call toll free: 1-800-252-4555 or 1-800-225-2527

    Request for Adjustments
    Survivors shall be notified of options for changing academic and living situations. Interim modified living arrangements may be available upon request for students in cases where the victim and the accused live in the same residence hall. Academic adjustments will be made possible for students in cases where the victim and accused share classes. These arrangements are available through the Title IX coordinator.

    The Title IX coordinator can also assist with adjustments to work situations for employees.

    A No Contact Order through WSU may also be available.


    Jennifer Quinn M.Ed., CHES, CTTS
    Director of Title IX
    Drug and Alcohol Education Prevention
    Student Center
    Office SC338

    On-Campus Emergencies

    Off-Campus Emergencies
    Worcester Police Department