• About Us

    An experience, a place, a passion: the Worcester Center for Crafts

    The Experience
    As an experience, the Worcester Center for Crafts offers instruction in the skills of craft, in the art and aesthetics of craft and creativity, and in the appreciation of the handmade aesthetic object. Hands-on discovery of making, collecting, appreciating is encompassed in all of our programs.

    The Place
    As a place, the Worcester Center for Crafts has fully equipped spaces where students and artists practice ceramics, glass, jewelry-making, forging, bladesmithing and blacksmithing, enameling, and both digital and darkroom photography. It is a community of creatives and makers.

    The Passion
    And then there is passion, the word that our students, visitors, and supporters use when describing what the Worcester Center for Crafts is for them. This unlocks a devotion to creating things of quality and appreciating things of quality that bring a new and vital dimension to students’, visitors’ and supporters’ lives.

    Call it art, call it craft, call it essential. The Worcester Center for Crafts is dedicated to inspiring and building a creative community through the promotion, appreciation and teaching of craft.

  • Our History and Mission

    The Worcester Center for Crafts plays an important role in maintaining central New England's edge on crafts education, advocacy, and entrepreneurship. The Worcester Center for Crafts is a nonprofit, community-based arts organization committed to:

    • Providing quality craft education
    • Assisting artists/artisans to gain visibility and marketplace prominence
    • Supporting entrepreneurship in the arts
    • Promoting an appreciation for fine craft and the handmade object

    Established in 1856 as the Worcester Employment Society, the Worcester Center for Crafts is an organization that still sees the value of craft in improving the quality of life for Worcester residents. In the early days, the Center forged its tradition of economic empowerment through craft by teaching the skills necessary to create and sell handmade crafts primarily to immigrants and immigrant women.

    The Worcester Center for Crafts completed its 153rd year in 2009 by forging an alliance and partnership with Worcester State University . WSU's Visual and Performing Arts classes in art and music meet in our studios, and student transportation is provided by the Sagamore Shuttle. WSU, as our partner, provides much needed support, including leadership expertise. Together, we are moving forward into a future of "sustaining craft as important to the community and society."

    Our Locations

    The Worcester Center for Crafts is located on 3 campuses:

    Our Board of Directors

    As an independent nonprofit organization, the Worcester Center for Crafts is led by a volunteer board. Members of the board may be contacted through the Craft Center front office (508-753-8183, ext. 301).

    2019-2020 Board of Directors

    • Sheila Tetler - Chair of Board
    • Kathleen M. Eichelroth - Treasurer
    • Thomas M. McNamara - Clerk
    • Kim Cutler
    • Dr. Roberta L. Kyle
    • Michael Lorion
    • Russell Pottle
    • Jennifer Irvine
    • Jennie Petrie