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    Are you still open?

    We get this a lot even though we’ve never really closed. Our organization was founded in 1856 and with the exception of a short strategic pause in 2009, we have been continuously in operation ever since! Yes, we are open and welcome the public to visit, take classes, shop and enjoy our exhibits and events.

    What does the Worcester Center for Crafts’ affiliation with Worcester State mean?

    The Worcester State Foundation worked with the Board of the Worcester Center for Crafts in 2009 to make sure that this valuable community asset would not close. An affiliation agreement was created that set the Worcester Center for Crafts on a path of financial stability, kept it open as an independent 501.c.3 organization, and placed most of the University’s visual arts classes in studios at the Crafts Center.

    Today, the Worcester Center for Crafts has a governing, volunteer Board of Directors and its assets are held in trust for the public (as all nonprofits are) by its corporation. In our case, our corporation has one member—the Worcester State University Foundation. We are grateful to the Worcester State University Foundation and to the University for their Vision of a community organization that can serve the public while assisting the University accomplish its mission of educating our young people.

    Do you need to be a WSU student to take classes at the Worcester Center for Crafts?

    No. Classes at the Crafts Center are open to the public. There is a fee for classes but anyone can register.

    How old do you have to be to enroll in an adult class at the Crafts Center?

    Our policy is to define adult as 18 years and older. We do make exceptions to this definition but only with the Department Head’s approval on each individual case. If you’re interested in a high school student attending an adult class, please contact the appropriate Department Head to seek approval. Our goal is to create the best learning environment for all of our students.

    Do you offer woodworking at the Worcester Center for Crafts?

    Not at this time. Currently, our craft disciplines are GLASS, CERAMICS, PHOTOGRAPHY & METALS. Subscribe to our e-newsletter (see home page) and you’ll be informed of any changes we make to our offerings.

    Do you do repairs?

    We do not in general offer repair services. We do keep a list of people in the area who do repairs and are more than willing to share those names with the public.

    How do I get to the New Street Glass Studio?

    Do you offer courses for undergraduate or graduate credit?

    Do you have classes for children and teens?

    Yes, our Youth Craft + Creativity Program provides short workshops and 6-week long classes which introduce young people to the skills and creativity of making and to the Art, Science, Math and design that are fundamental in craft making. And they are fun! Check them out.

    Do you have weaving or knitting classes?

    Currently, our craft disciplines are GLASS, CERAMICS, PHOTOGRAPHY & METALS. Subscribe to our e-newsletter (see home page) and you’ll be informed of any changes we make to our offerings.

    Can I come in and use the torches?

    Currently we do not rent out torch time in our metals studio. However, all enrolled students have the opportunity to sign up for Metals Open Studio which gives enrolled students a chance to spend extra time on the torches and other equipment in the Metals Studio.

    Why does the Gallery Store only carry hand-made American craft?

    Part of our mission to “sustain craft as vital to society and to the community,” is helping craft artists sustain themselves. We strive to fill our Gallery Store with high quality American craft work so that we can assist artists working in our historic craft disciplines sustain themselves by selling their work.
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