• Open Studio for Enrolled Students

    We know it takes time, patience and work to develop craft skills. Open Studio is designed to help students enrolled in our classes practice their skills and develop their work. Think of Open Studio as self-directed homework time. Students MUST enroll in Open Studio; there is a small additional fee. Register for Open Studio in person or by calling 508-753-8183, x 301.

    Open Studio Policies
    Once a student enrolls in Open Studio, they may use any or all of the posted Open Studio hours in the appropriate studio, for self-directed practice time. Students may initiate or complete work within the scope of the class in which they are currently registered. Hours are self-tracked by signing in and out of each period you attend. Students may use as few or many hours, during scheduled times, for the duration of the session. Open Studio sessions expires with each course session. Non-matriculating students may use the first week of the following session to complete work during Open Studio.

    *Metals Studio must have an assigned safety monitor during all Open Studio periods or they will be cancelled.

    Click Ceramics and Metals for access to Open Studio times in those studios. The calendars are updated regularly. Please check the specific date and time before coming in.  
    Make sure you click on the period to read any notes related to that period. An example of a real-time update would be a monitor cancelling due to illness: this cancels Open Studio. All Weather Cancellations include Open Studio, even if the calendar has not been updated.

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