Student Spotlight | Blake Thorne


Blake Thorne, a junior from Bridgewater, MA, is a Communication major with a focus in Digital Media Production. Besides acting at the President for the Club Lacrosse Team, Blake is also heavily involved with the Center for Community Media on campus, where he hosts in-studio interviews and fills various studio roles including camera person, technical director, floor director, or community relations person. Between classes, lacrosse, and media, Blake also interns with Athletics working on sports information, which includes writing player biographies and articles, producing videos and support the organization’s mission statement.

How do you think you’ve changed as a leader throughout your time at WSU, and what aspects of your experience most influenced this change?
I have gained many responsibilities over the course of my time at Worcester State. It has forced me to grow out of my childish tendencies and learn how to handle high maintenance responsibilities. One aspect is through my roles on campus, as I have many responsibilities and I dedicate my time to them. Another aspect for me is my career choice, as a sports writer fresh out of college I have to be professional. 

Blake Thorne hosting The Beat with the Center for Community Media

What is the biggest lesson you have learned when it comes to leadership? 
Since I just became the Club Lacrosse President, I have asked the previous President questions about how to go about my job. I ask these questions with the objective of doing my job to the best of my ability. I want what is best for the members of the organization. So, the biggest lesson I have learned when it comes to leadership is don’t be afraid to ask other leaders for any assistance.

We really want to highlight the intersection of identity, culture, and leadership development. Can you share how your identity has shaped your leadership style throughout the years?
I am the youngest of three boys in my family, so I have always had people to look up to. Through my dad, who is a single father, I was able to see how one can care for his family. Another example is playing high school sports and watching the captains that came before me, I was able to see how they effectively led the team to win games with intensity. Through my father, Bruce Thorne, I have learned to persevere through anything. My father runs his own insurance company, and even a car ride with him is an example of his leadership. He shows such care and attention to his customers on a call. Treating people with respect and care is essential to being a leader. Through captaining a hockey in high-school I learned how to effectively lead a team, that is, to get every players motivation, determination, and drive to 100%. All throughout my life I have seen leaders lead very well and I have also been in leading positions and had to act with confidence in order to get the task at hand done. I have failed on occasions, but I take mistakes as learning experiences.

What would you say has been your best experience here at WSU?
My best experience here at Worcester State is being on the Club Lacrosse Team. They welcomed me into their club and it was a great start to something I would invest a lot of time into. The team has a great atmosphere and it has helped me develop some great relationships.

What was your most meaningful experience while at WSU?
My most meaningful experience at Worcester State was when I was accepted here. I have had several personal goal oriented accomplishments over my first two years here, but if I had not been accepted, none of these things could have occurred. Being welcomed into the Worcester State community was very meaningful. I love the sense of community and great people that surround this University.

What has been your biggest accomplishment since beginning your journey at WSU?
Personally, I am very eager to get started in my career, which is sports writing and reporting. My biggest accomplishment at Worcester State this far is everything that I do. I am so proud to be the President of the Club Lacrosse Team, host of The Beat, and an intern for the Sports Information Office. These roles and responsibilities I have are what I enjoy doing, some of which I will do in my career too. 

What advice would you give to students who are just beginning to explore the type of leader, or the type of person, they hope to become?
Be confident in your decisions. Asking questions of members to ensure satisfaction is a great thing to do. Be a team player as well as the leader.

What are your current plans for the next few years?
I will continue to intern with the Sports Information Office in preparation for an internship with a news station. This summer I plan on interning at a news station for their sports writing internship. My senior year, I will continue the internship with the Sports Information Office. I will still remain President of the Lacrosse Team my senior year, while training another player to take over. After college I plan to work at a news station sports writing, hopefully down the road I will be a sports writer/reporter. As of right now, all I know is that soon as I graduate, I will be getting a black Labrador Retriever. Most importantly, I plan to work hard.

Blake and members of the Club Lacrosse team