• Graduate Nursing Programs

    More education brings more opportunity—opening more doors to nurses with master’s and doctoral degrees. Nurses with graduate preparation provide direct patient care at an advanced level, conduct research, teach online and in the classroom, impact public policy, lead health systems, consult with corporations, and implement evidence-based solutions that revolutionize health care. These highly skilled providers are in great demand to fill established and emerging roles for nurses.

    If you wish to play a part in developing new skills, research, and practice innovations, now is the time for you to consider graduate-level nursing education at Worcester State University. Our Master of Science in Nursing and Post-Master's Certificate programs offer a high-quality, engaging, and affordable educational experience, taught by world-class faculty from diverse disciplines. The programs offer convenient and flexible scheduling, blended-learning that combines face-to-face classes with online instruction, and four routes of entry.

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    Theresa Khoury
    Online Program Coordinator

    Population and Public Health Nursing Programs
    Ghosh Science & Technology Center
    Office ST-222C

    Amanda Cornine
    Program Coordinator

    Nurse Educator Programs
    Ghosh Science & Technology Center
    Office ST-222F