• Translation Center

    Worcester State University’s Translation Center offers affordable document translation services to help campus clients and community members communicate effectively in order to increase cross-cultural understanding and diversity awareness. We currently provide Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish translation services.

    The center uses the Spanish-language expertise of the department’s faculty. We also partner with the department to provide educational experiences for Spanish undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing careers in translation. Students acquire knowledge and skills in these fields while delivering translation services under the attentive supervision of our director. For pricing information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. Antonio Guijarro-Donadiós.

    We're open whenever Worcester State University is open—the schedule is based on the academic calendar.

    Submission Guidelines

    We provide translation for the following kinds of documents:

    • Legal documents
    • Syllabi or other academic texts for university members or prospective students
    • Texts for community-based health, education, nonprofit, or art initiatives to reach a greater audience in the Worcester community

    We accept the following file types:

    • Microsoft Word
    • Adobe PDF
    • Publisher
    • Hard Copies

    Translation Center

    Sullivan Academic Center
    Office 303C