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    The criminal justice program at Worcester State University is interdisciplinary and predicated on a common core of the humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and physical sciences. The goal of the program is to develop in students an increased analytical awareness of the role of law enforcement agencies, courts, and correctional institutions in the criminal justice system. The curriculum includes course work to provide students with awareness of recent advances in human dynamics, civil rights legislation, and information technology. The Criminal Justice Department offers a criminal justice major and a criminal justice minor

    The course of study consists of an extensive overview of the criminal justice system and an intensive examination of each of the major components of the system. The program is designed to serve students who may elect to enter the criminal justice profession immediately upon graduation, students of the liberal arts without professional interest in criminal justice, and students who desire to pursue graduate work. Criminal justice majors are able to apply for an internship in a criminal-justice-related organization during their junior year.

    Requirements for a Major
    39 credits in criminal justice, of which 21 must be completed at Worcester State University

    Major Core: 21 credits

    • CJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
    • CJ 102 Introduction to Corrections
    • CJ 111 Law Enforcement and Society
    • CJ 203 Theories of Crime
    • CJ 205 American Judicial System
    • CJ 331 Research Methods in Criminal Justice
    • CJ 400 Criminal Justice Capstone

    Criminal Justice Electives: 18 credits

    Requirements for a Minor
    7 courses comprising 4 core courses and three electives

    Core Courses:

    • CJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
    • CJ 102 Introduction to Corrections
    • CJ 111 Law Enforcement and Society
    • CJ 205 American Judicial System
    • Criminal Justice Electives: 3 courses

    Students will need to obtain a declaration of major/minor form from the Registrar's Office and obtain signature of the chair of the Criminal Justice Department to enter the major or minor program.

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