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  • Emergency Incident Information

    Personnel representing all divisions of Worcester State University including, but not limited to, University Police, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, University Technology, Administration and Finance, and Facilities comprise the Incident Management Team. The campus’ response prior, during, and after an incident will be conducted within the framework of existing WSU policies and procedures. Any exception will be conducted by, or with approval of, those WSU administrators directing and/or coordinating the response.

    WSU Police use an Emergency Response Plan that is based on the national standard. Police take every threat seriously. Depending on the situation, they may call in state police, the FBI, and/or the Worcester Police Department to assist. Those reinforcements are always available to us, and are often used. We also take false threats seriously. Those falsifying threats can face serious academic and/or legal consequences.

    During an emergency, communications must strike a balance between the WSU community’s need or desire to know details of specific incidents versus the rights of accused to fair adjudications (or, as is the case in reports of sexual violence, the mental health needs and the right to privacy of the victim/survivor). Providing details may also jeopardize investigations.

    There are 2 important steps WSU students and employees can take to prepare for an incident:

    Weather and Emergency Alerts
    The WSU Alert System is used to notify the campus community when there is an emergency of any kind.

    While your email address is automatically registered with WSU’s emergency notification system, you must opt-in to receive text-message notifications. If you opt in, you’ll increase the speed at which you receive WSU-related weather and other emergency alerts. Register your cell phone number to have notifications sent to you via text message.

    If you received only an email from police or another WSU official, rather than a WSU Alert, then you can be sure that police have determined that no immediate danger or public safety concern exists on campus.

    Emergency Contact Registration
    In the event of an emergency or injury, WSU officials will need to contact your designated emergency contact. This may be your next of kin, significant other, adult child, or trusted friend. Make it a priority to register—and update—your emergency contact information through your WebAdvisor account.

  • Dial 8911 for University Police

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