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    As a student in the Global Studies Concentration at Worcester State University, you will develop a deeper understanding of the complex challenges facing our world. You will receive interdisciplinary training that draws from the humanities, sciences, and social sciences as you examine issues and developments that affect the entire planet, like climate change, poverty, new technologies, and entrenched wars. Our comprehensive approach connects themes across disciplines, enhancing your career’s trajectory with a global perspective.

    In classes on topics ranging from human rights and geography to international business and trade to world literature and history, we emphasize critical thinking, decision-making, and applied learning. Our keen focus on helping you examine transnational issues and processes and their effects at the local and global levels will prepare you to thrive in a wide range of fields. Whether you choose to enter graduate school or the workforce after graduation, you will have the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in a rapidly globalizing.

    Requirements for the concentration: 15 credits
    Students are required to take a total of 5 Global Studies courses, starting with GL 150, Introduction to Global Studies, plus 4 electives chosen from across various disciplines. One of the elective courses has to be at a 200 level and another at either a 300 or 400 level. No more than 2 courses can be counted from the same department. Students are strongly encouraged to elect a world language course and/or a study abroad course that meets the Global Studies criteria.

    For more information, contact Director of Global Studies Josna Rege at 508-929-8701 or