• Information Technology

    The Information Technology minor is an interdisciplinary minor that gives students
    the opportunity to develop skills and capabilities for the effective use of information
    technology in their discipline. This minor is available for all non-Computer Science
    majors and is designed to address information technology needs and career interests
    whatever their major is.
    To obtain a minor in information technology, students need to complete six (6) courses
    for a total of 18+ credits.
    Required Course:
    CS 101 Basics of Computer Science

    The list of courses under each of the above three groups varies from semester to
    semester. Students are strongly encouraged to contact the Information Technology
    minor coordinator before registering for courses.
    Two Courses from Group I: Courses in this group will discuss the representation and
    manipulation of data in digital form. This may include the conversion process of the data
    from a form outside the computer, the issues and trade-offs involved in developing a
    representation, and the algorithms used for the manipulation and transformation of data.

    Two courses from Group II:
    Courses in this group involve intensive, discipline-specific
    use of computers (beyond email, word processing, basic spreadsheets, presentation
    software and web browsing).

    One course from Group III:
    Courses in this group will discuss information technology
    and its impact on society. At least 1/3 of the course content should relate to information

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