• Visual and Performing Arts Courses

    VP 200 Critical Thinking in the Arts
    LASC - Creative Arts; Thought, Language and Culture
    The experience of art, music, and theatre to develop individual critical thinking in the similarities and differences among the arts.
    Offered every year. 3 credits

    VP 210 Contemporary Dance Styles I
    LASC - Creative Arts
    The study and movement of dance vocabularies in one or more contemporary and modern styles.
    Offered every year. 3 credits

    VP 300 Interdisciplinary Arts Seminar
    Prerequisite: VP 200
    Examines examples of contemporary modes of interdisciplinary works of music, theatre, and visual art with the goal of developing an individual, creative aesthetic.
    Offered every year. 3 credits

    VP 310 Contemporary Dance Styles II

    LASC - Creative Arts
    Prerequisite: VP 210
    The study and movement of contemporary dance vocabularies at the intermediate to advanced level.
    Offered every year. 3 credits.

    VP 375 Special Topics
    A course that varies according to specific student and faculty interest.
    Offered as needed. 3 credits
    VP 400 Capstone/Senior Thesis
    Prerequisites: VP 200, VP 300
    Students research, design, and create works of art, music, and theatre for public presentation and evaluation by a faculty board of review.
    Offer every year. 3 credits

    VP 405 Independent Study in the Arts
    Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
    An opportunity for students to examine topics not ordinarily covered in other arts courses.
    Offered every year. 1-3 credits

    VP 435 Internship in the Arts
    Prerequisites: 2 relevant arts courses
    Advanced students gain practical experience in a working arts environment.
    Offered every year. 3-12 credits.