• Return of Title IV Funds Policy

    Return of Title IV Funds is based on the date a student completely withdraws from Worcester State University as determined by the Registrar. During the first 60% of the semester, a student earns Title IV funds in direct proportion to the length of time he or she remained enrolled. A student who remains enrolled beyond the 60% point earns all aid for the semester. The 50% point of the semester is used for unofficial withdrawals.

    The percentage of the semester that a student remains enrolled is derived by dividing the number of days a student remains in attendance by the number of days in a semester. Calendar days are used but breaks of at least five days are excluded from both the numerator and the denominator.

    Post-Withdrawal Disbursements

    • Federal regulations require that we notify the parent of late PLUS Loan disbursement and/or the student of late Federal Direct Student Loan disbursement. In addition, we require confirmation from the parent and/or student that they accept this late disbursement
    • WSU processes a Return of Title IV Funds calculation to determine if a student is eligible for a post-withdrawal disbursement. If the student and/or parent decides to accept the late disbursement we can reinstate the loan up to 120 days from last attendance.

    WSU utilizes Return of Title IV Funds on the web through FAA Access to CPS online to perform all Return of Title IV Funds calculations.

    All Title IV returns are reversed from the student’s account and refunded to the appropriate Title IV programs. The student is informed of the result of the Return of Title IV Funds in writing via a Financial Aid Revision Form.

    Title IV Funds are returned in the following order (within 45 days of the date WSU determined that the student withdrew):

    • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan
    • Federal Direct Subsidized Loan
    • Federal Perkins Loan
    • Federal Parent Loan
    • Federal Pell Grant
    • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
    • Other Title IV programs

    See WSU’s Refund Policy and Withdrawal Leave of Absence Policy regarding procedures to officially withdraw from WSU and the determination of last date of attendance on the undergraduate costs page.

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