• Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

    This policy is applied consistently to all undergraduate students at Worcester State University. Satisfactory Academic Progress is measured at the end of each academic year.

    As part of the qualitative measurement, a student must have an overall Grade Point Average of at least 2.0 (grade of C) when they have attempted sixty or more credits. As part of the quantitative measurement, the maximum number of credits a student may complete and still remain in good standing for financial aid is 180 (one and a half times the number of credits required for graduation). See the chart below for the qualitative and quantitative requirements.

      GPA    Percentage
     1-15    1.0    60%
     16-29    1.5    62%
     30-59    1.75    65%
     60-180    2.0    67%

    If a student does not meet the minimum requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress, the student is notified that they are no longer eligible for financial aid. The Financial Aid Office sends the student a letter informing the student of the unsatisfactory academic progress. The letter includes the grade point average and completion percentage that the student earned which made them ineligible. The letter also includes details on how the eligibility was calculated, requirements for the student to regain good standing, and information about the appeal process.

    A student may submit an appeal of unsatisfactory progress if there were extenuating circumstances that prevented the student from succeeding. The appeal requires explanation and documentation of the extenuating circumstances and an explanation of what changes the student has made to succeed in future semesters. If the appeal is approved, the student is required to contact the Academic Success Center for a degree audit. Within the degree audit, the Academic Success Center reviews the student’s progress and sets up a plan for the student to graduate. The plan is sent to the student in writing. Upon completion of the Academic Success Center degree audit, the student is eligible for aid for the following semester and may continuing eligibility if the student earns a minimum of 2.0 for each semester and completes at least 67% of the credits attempted each semester. All students with approved appeals are monitored at the end of each semester. If a student loses eligibility after a semester the student must regain overall good standing to be eligible for aid.

    Graduate students are making Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid as long as they are in good standing in their graduate program.

    Incomplete grades count as attempted but not completed.

    A student may repeat a course twice in which a low grade was earned and still have that course counted in the semester load and the higher grade replaces the lower grade which may improve a student’s GPA.

    If a student drops a course during the add/drop period, the course will not be counted as attempted.

    If a student withdraws from a course after the add/drop period, the course will be counted as attempted but not completed.