March 7 - April 13
Step Right Up by Bradley Chapman Bleau
Join us as we celebrate and explore the wonderfully surreal and nostalgic work of Brad Chapman Bleau in "Step Right Up" at The Mary Cosgrove Dolphin Gallery. "By juxtaposing tangible, vintage objects with surreal painting motifs, the line between reality and imagined becomes blurred," said Chapman Bleau in an artist statement. Don't miss his latest exploration of visual and material culture!
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April 25 - 28
Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl
Join Worcester State Theatre for a beautifully poetic play about love, longing, loss and letting go. Sarah Ruhl's use of language – and absence of language – defies space and time to evoke a surreal, visceral, dream-like world where anything can and does happen. Loosely based on the ancient Greek myth Orpheus & Eurydice, you won't want to miss this modern retelling from Eurydice’s perspective by the talented Worcester State cast and designers!
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