• Mathematics Research

    Within the Mathematics Department, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in faculty-led undergraduate research in a wide range of areas. Recent topics include the sequence of Fibonacci numbers, the role of mathematical analysis in the SIR model, and statistical analysis of Worcester’s temperature data. If you are pursuing our statistics and modeling concentration, you’ll work directly with faculty members to collect, analyze, and report on data related to our programs and gain proficiency with IBM’s SPSS Statistics software. We recognize these remarkable student-faculty collaborations at our annual Celebration of Scholarship and Creativity. Recent projects include:

    • The Sum of Powers and Tetrahedral Numbers
    • Fibonacci’s Rabbits
    • Diophantine Approximation and Pell’s Equation
    • Unique Factorization of Gaussian Integers
    • Fermat’s Last Theorem and Elliptic Curves
    • Number Theory and Imaginary Numbers
    • Binomial Coefficients and Pascal’s Triangle
    • Neutron Activation Analysis of Old Coins
    • A Comparison of Double Elliptic and Spherical Geometry
    • Aerodynamics and Soccer Ball Trajectory